The $35 Challenge: Days 5-7

by Emma on October 24, 2011

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What a week it has been. It has taken some extra time to calculate everything I have been putting into my mouth but I truly believe this challenge has been a process that not only forces you to look at how you normally shop for food, but it lets you test how much food you really need to survive reasonably.

I felt hungry only a few times (which is normal throughout the course of a week at certain times) and I also managed to fit in 10 workouts throughout the week as well, proving that I was eating enough to provide sufficient energy for such activities. I’m feeling fit, healthy and fabulous.

Thanks to some forward planning and frugal shopping, I managed to spend less than $5 on all but one day. I even had enough saved up over the course of the week that I could splurge on Saturday night with some grilled salmon and a bottle of vino! Cheers!

As promised, I will be donating what I would have normally spent on the weekly groceries (minus $35) to Oz Harvest, a great charity that saves food that would otherwise be thrown out, and gets it to people that need it.

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What have I eaten the past two days?

Day 5
BREAKFAST Instant coffee (9c), 2 eggs (45c) on rye sourdough toast (20c)
MORNING SNACK Cup of black tea (7c), homemade peanut & choc chip cookie (10c)
LUNCH Leftover homemade spaghetti bolognaise ($1.92)
DINNER Salad of rocket (39c), tomato (26c), capsicum (11c), snow peas (44c), potato (12c) and chicken (41c)
Total Day 5 = $4.68

Day 6
BREAKFAST 120g baked beans (60c), cup of green tea (7c)
MORNING SNACK cup of black tea (7c), pear (28c)
LUNCH 2 cups homemade pumpkin soup (89.5c), rye sourdough toast (18c)
AFTERNOON REFRESHMENT Cup of instant black coffee (9c)
DINNER Mushroom, rocket & parmesan puff pizza for one ($1.55) – recipe coming soon!
Total Day 6 = $3.74

Day 7
BREAKFAST Pear (28c), cup of instant black coffee (9c)
MORNING SNACK 2 thin slices rye toast (20c) with butter (5c) & honey (3c)
LUNCH Homemade dip (40c) and crackers (30c)
AFTERNOON REFRESHMENT Cup of green tea (7c)
DINNER Grilled salmon steak ($2.20) & green beans (25c)
REFRESHMENT 4 glasses of sauvignon blanc ($3.95)
Total Day 7 = $7.82

Many people assumed that I would be eating rice and potatoes during this week challenge, so in my next post I’ll look at how much I was actually eating in kilojoules and from which food groups, to assess whether you truly can get a well-rounded diet on such a small budget.

Plus I’ll share my tips for getting the most out of your shopping dollar!

Thanks for following along,
Em x

What has been the most interesting part of The $35 Challenge for you?

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