The $35 Challenge: Days 3-4

by Emma on October 20, 2011

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The week is progressing well and I’ve managed to maintain a good level of variety in my food as well as coming in at budget (and well below in most cases!). I’ve had the odd hunger pain, as you normally would at about 4pm in the office, but a piece of fruit or a cup of tea soon takes that away.

I did go over budget on Day 4, with my spaghetti bolognaise, but it’s definitely evened out by the other under-budget days.

At the start of the Challenge I also wanted to see if the food I was eating daily would be enough kilojoules for my body height and weight. At this stage I haven’t counted my kilojoules, but my exercise-meter has been working extremely well, I’ve done a workout every day this week. I’ll be calculating my kilojoules at the end of the week to see how I’ve gone in that arena.

For those just joining me now, The $35 Challenge is about spending only $35 on food for an entire week to raise awareness for those that live below the poverty line. You’ll find my simple rules on my last blog post, plus all the details about the challenge here.

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What have I eaten the past two days?

Day 3
BREAKFAST 120g baked beans (60c), toast (13.5c), cup of green tea (7c)
MORNING SNACK cup of black tea (7c), carrot (12c)
LUNCH Creamy chicken, potato, asparagus & pea salad ($1.37)
AFTERNOON REFRESHMENT Cup of black tea (7c), pear (28c)
DINNER 2 cups homemade pumpkin soup (89.5c), toast (21.5c) with butter (6c)
BEFORE BED Cup of green tea (7c)
Total Day 3 = $3.96

Day 4
BREAKFAST  Hot lemon water, 2 eggs (45c), toast (18c)
MORNING SNACK  Cup of black tea (7c), pear (28c)
LUNCH  2 cups homemade pumpkin soup (89.5c), 107g capsicum sticks (21c), 1/2 cucumber (22.5c), 52g snow peas (52c)
DINNER   Homemade spaghetti bolognaise ($2.38) – recipe coming soon!
BEFORE BED  Cup of green tea (7c)
Total Day 4 = $5.56

Days 5 and 6 to come…

Fighting fit!
Em x

If you’re keen to see how I got all my groceries so cheaply, I’ll reveal my shopping tactics at the end of the week. You will be surprised how cheaply you can buy things if you really want to (And who wouldn’t want to save a few pennies!)

Write down what you eat for a day, itemise it’s cost and see how much you spend daily on food. It’s a great exercise for anyone to go through.

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