Chocolate fruitcake rum balls

December 21, 2011 Christmas

If there’s one thing that is synonymous with Christmas time, it’s fruitcake. I was lucky enough to receive a Bakers Delight Christmas cake as a gift this year, a new addition to their product line. Although it was too sweet for my palate, I did have the perfect idea to use the cake… a fruity […]

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Gingerbread men

December 14, 2011 Christmas

I love baking at Christmas time. Even though it’s sunny and warm outside, there’s something about the smells of the festive season that really get me. Maybe it’s because I spent many a Christmas in North America where warming baked goods and eggnog were staples for this time of year… So this is what I […]

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Creamy chicken, potato, asparagus & pea salad

November 30, 2011 The Packed Lunch

During The $35 Challenge I was putting together meals on the fly and at very little cost. This salad I prepared for lunch one day ended up being one of my favourite meals, ticking many boxes – nutritious, quick to throw together, looks delicious, and cheap to prepare. So here it is – This salad […]

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7 Healthy Tips For Navigating The Grocery Store

November 15, 2011 Health & Nutrition

Every so often we get distracted when buying food. We put way too much in our shopping trolley, we buy a packet of chips just because we’re hungry at the time, we buy something because it’s on special, or we wander around aimlessly trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Here are seven […]

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The $35 Challenge: Days 5-7

October 24, 2011 News

What a week it has been. It has taken some extra time to calculate everything I have been putting into my mouth but I truly believe this challenge has been a process that not only forces you to look at how you normally shop for food, but it lets you test how much food you […]

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The $35 Challenge: Days 3-4

October 20, 2011 News

The week is progressing well and I’ve managed to maintain a good level of variety in my food as well as coming in at budget (and well below in most cases!). I’ve had the odd hunger pain, as you normally would at about 4pm in the office, but a piece of fruit or a cup […]

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The $35 Challenge: Days 1-2

October 18, 2011 News

Well here we are at the end of Day 2 of The $35 Challenge and I’ve spent less than $8 and I haven’t been hungry… in fact I feel like I’m eating and drinking what I normally would (minus the wine). It is amazing how controlling your portion sizes and/or weighing every single thing you […]

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The $35 Challenge

October 14, 2011 News

Everyone knows I love food. All kinds of food. But every now and then I eat a little bit more than my body really needs. “I don’t really NEED that dessert after dinner or that extra glass of wine…” I’ll be the first to admit, I forget how fortunate I am to have the choice. […]

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Open egg sandwich

October 11, 2011 Breakfast

Thanks for visiting Love Thy Kitchen. If you subscribe via email you’ll get updates straight to your Inbox, for free! Looking for a breakfast or light meal that will keep you fuller for longer? As some of you will already know I am a big fan of eggs because they do just that,keep me going […]

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Moroccan chicken couscous

October 10, 2011 The Packed Lunch

Thanks for visiting Love Thy Kitchen. If you subscribe via email you’ll get updates straight to your Inbox, for free! If you’re anything like me, there’s no food that goes wasted in the fridge. There are many ways you can transform the humble roast chook into something spectacular, and quickly! It’s time to get creative. […]

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